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This page is dedicated to those in the Health Care Field who are speaking the truth, and those who are exposing the LIES and telling the TRUTH, regarding medical TYRANNY!


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“Hi 👋 I’m Carly. A Cardiac Sonographer since 2013. Come September 30th, I will be terminated from my job for not getting the 💉
I love my job. I love my career. I love my patients. But…. I love myself more.
My decision hasn’t been influenced from what I’ve read, who I’ve listened too, a political party, a podcast or going down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories. My decision has been made by what I’ve seen.
The influx of patients dealing with brand new symptoms such as subdural hemorrhages, arrhythmias (a.fib, palpitations, tachycardia, etc), pericardial and pleural effusions, strokes, profuse bleeding, etc and connecting the dots that these patients all have 1 thing in common.
The typical story goes “it all started after I received the 💉”.
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to take a step back and question what’s happening here. However – you would think it does.
If a doctor gave you a brand new medication and a few days later after starting the new prescription you start experiencing symptoms that are new to you – your physician would change your medication.
Why is this common critical thinking not happening now?
Have we killed those brain cells by breathing in too much CO2? I mean really. Where has the critical thinking gone? Where has our oath of “Do No Harm” gone? Why are so many people afraid to question something from a category that has ALWAYS taken 5-7 years to be medically approved until now?
Have we placed on blinders because we are in such high hopes of a cure so we refuse to look anywhere other than perfection? Fear does a lot to people. Have you heard of fight or flight?
I’m not here to sway your decision of getting the 💉 or not.
I’m not here to judge your CHOICE on what you put into your body.
But I am here to stand for F R E E D O M of choice and from my own experience, I choose NO.”
Repost from @heartsnhair 🤍
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☠️ Pharma death cult was created by … The Nazi’s☠️
Ever wonder how they corralled the Jews during the Holocaust? Look around.
First they created DIVISION. Taught people to hate them. (Like the unvaccinated now)
The government (Hitler) blamed them for the economic downfall. (Unvaccinated are blamed for the plandemic)
The segregation continued to the point where only Non Jewish Businesses could receive business. (Only vaccinated members of society can dine, shop, enjoy life)
Jews were taken to concentration camps because they were deemed ‘undesirable.’ (CDC is creating shielding ‘green zones’ for those who are a perceived ‘medical threat’… )
How did Hitler rise to power and kill 6 million people?
Propaganda. Censorship. Fear. Mind-control. Manipulation. 💊💉
It’s time to push back and take responsibility for our health and our wealth. We don’t need to wait for the government to do anything and we do not need to depend on this death cult society anymore. 👊🏼
It’s up to us to do the research. Study our history. Learn the lessons. And demand BETTER for our children!
* MDs are not trained to heal. They are trained to use pharmaceuticals.
* Medical Schools are funded by pharma so they influence the curriculum.
* Over 100 Holistic Doctors who have cured cancer, reversed autoimmunity and gave alternatives to the medical mafia system have been killed.
* Americans take more pharmaceuticals than every other country in the world and are the sickest.
* 54% of children have a chronic illness.
* Life expectancy in the US is falling, not going up.
* MDs have 4 hours of nutrition training in 4 years of medical school.
* Chiropracters, Ayervedic Practitioners, Accupuncturists, Naturopathic Docters, Functional Medicine Doctors, Homeopathic Doctors, etc. are called Quacks, in a Billion dollar coordinated marketing message from pharma.
* Right now kids are recommended 72 jabs to be healthy, (more than any other country), and we have the highest rate of childhood cancer and chronic disease.
* Pharma out-lobbies every other industry by more than double in Washington…(hello mandatory jabs).
* All drugs are created to mimick a natural substance but have to be synthetic so that it can be patented. The natural substances are trying to be banned by the FDA.
* We are the most obese country in the world because of our food supply.
* Pharma pays 70% of all advertising to cable TV which makes them influence the content and News. (The people selling the fear are profiting of the solution)
* Consensus science is dangerous. Science should always be changing. PhDs who do experiments that contradict the pharma controlled narrative are fired and silenced. However the “I believe in Science” messaging created by pharma is parroted by sleepy and unconscious medical professionals.
* Good medical personnel have bought the pharma controlled narrative and are literally working for the mafia, and don’t know it.
* In all studies done of unvaccinated vs. vaccinated children the unvaccinated were healthier in EVERY SINGLE CATEGORY. 😬
* If this doesn’t fit your worldview you will NOT investigate you will call me a quack who doesn’t believe in science.
* Google is pharma controlled so your search will not pull up my facts. Try search engine “Duck Duck Go.”
* Medical Mafia is now making the biggest power grab ever and 60% of the people are cheering it on. (Debatable)
* There is better life where natural medicine takes care of almost any problem you have and where conventional interventions are appropriate.
Take a moment today to envision this future. Our children deserve health.
In Health,
Laura Minard RN, BSN, NC-BC

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