RESOURCES Against the Mandates!

RESOURCES for battling Covid, the Mask Mandates and the JAB Mandates:

First and foremost our best resource to call upon is JESUS CHRIST and HIS FATHER in Heaven, GOD Almighty! We must repent of our sins, ask for forgiveness, and recognize that JESUS CHRIST is the Way, The Truth and The Life! We must pray, ask for guidance, and use decrement in the days ahead. We must be with GOD, for HE is with us!

As for Earthly help, there are many people truly trying their best to help those in need. This is where this page and other pages throughout this site comes in.

Here are links where you can find resources to fight the JAB mandates (coerced compliance)

We are now seeing many JAB mandates being forced upon WE THE PEOPLE. The media propaganda machine that we call main stream media is pumping out Covid “FEAR” to the “Sheeple” (those that are not awake to see the LIES and DECEIT by those in power)!

It is only with TRUTH that WE may fight against these LIES from the the LIARS in media, the LIARS in politics, and the LIARS in so called “Follow the Science” (“Big Tech”, “Big Pharma”, and the medical industrial complex).

There are many resources available to help you in maintaining your Health, and your GOD given Rights regarding your health and your privacy!


STOP THE SHOTLIVE ONLINE – Some of the world’s leading physicians and researchers will be discussing the threat the COVID shot poses to male and female fertility, as well as current pregnancies
LIVE ONLINE on August 19, 2021, at 12:00pm EST (still viewable)

Stop The Shot – The Rest of the Story


Stop Vaccination Mandates and More (Online Zoom Meeting– Special Introduction and Remedies to Mandates)
Saturday, August 21
11:30 AM (Pacific)
12:30 PM (Mountain)
1:30 PM (Central)
2:30 PM (Eastern)

Documents can be ordered from The Commoner Law Group, that may help you in maintaining your Health Freedom, and staving off the mandates that are being forced upon us.


PEGGY HALL, Founder of THE HEALTHY AMERICAN, is a national leader in the freedom movement and is dedicated to “breathing life back into liberty.” Through her inspiring educational videos, hours of legal research, and online and in-person programs to keep businesses open, to help parents get their kids out of government schools, and to help Americans protect their medical rights, Peggy empowers patriots all across the country to take action to make “positive waves of change” as we fight back this growing tidal wave of tyranny. Peggy Hall has provided a wealth of information that may be used in our battle to maintain of Health Freedom and our Liberty! Go here for your answers at The Healthy American:


Religious Exemption Letters

Religious Exemption Badge

Documents and letters

Covid Testing

Laws in your state

Employee Rights

School Issues

Business Shutdowns



Constitutional Law Group is here to assist you, and to afford you the blessing of being able to assist others.
is here to assist you, and to afford you the blessing of being able to assist others.

Our staff is knowledgeable about many topics. This does not mean we are the last or always the best word on anything. The Constitutional Law Group is a place to study, learn, and share knowledge, wisdom, and procedure, among other things.

We are oppressed by criminal syndicates, masquerading as government. These syndicates do their best to control the education you and your children receive, the news you are allowed to hear, and in every way to shape your perception of reality. The current race riots are a perfect example. This is all scripted, intended to divide us into smaller, weaker groups who cannot offer opposition. The federal government wants to federalize all local police forces, and give them military weapons. Intentionally inciting these riots is their way of convincing the American people to beg the military to take over local law enforcement. All a master plan for world domination.

Benjamin Franklin said it a long time ago: “We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.”


We at Health Freedom Pennsylvania want everyone to take responsibility for their own health and life choices. We want you to understand your constitutional, state, and local rights. We want you to have the confidence to stand up for yourself and your family even if it means having to stand alone.

This website is only guidance based on facts and personal experiences. We encourage everyone to be their own advocate. While we will be your village and support, you are ultimately responsible for your own choices.


For more information visit … HealthFreedomPennsylvania


Doctors who are speaking the Truth…


AFLDS- Home Page



AFLDS- “Stop The Vaccine Passports” petition


LAWYERS assisting in the fight against Unconstitutional Mandates…

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT these Lawyers unless in serious need. These lawyers do not offer free advise and are charging for their services! Only contact them if you absolutely need their help, and be prepared to  pay for their services!

Gregory Stapp
Williamsport, PA
Greg Stapp has said that he is working on a letters to help those facing mandates!

EXAMPLES (Samples) OF LETTERS FROM Attorney Greg Stapp (representing clients facing mandates):

Employer Vaccine mandate letter (EXAMPLE from Attorney Greg Stapp)

Vaccine Mandate University letter (EXAMPLE from Attorney Greg Stapp)

Penn College Fall 2021 letter (EXAMPLE from Attorney Greg Stapp)

Contact Attorney Gregory Stapp if in need of a letter. There is a charge incurred for such letter, as Attorney Stapp would be composing the letter as a lawyer representing you, as his client!

Thomas W. King III
Tom King was the lawyer who successfully litigated the suit against Governor Wolf’s Unconstitutional orders of limiting gatherings in PA.

Tom Renz
Ohio based attorney
Attorney Renz is the lead counsel for America’s Frontline Doctors, and Make Americans Free Again, in 3 major cases regarding COVID-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, false death/case data.  Renz has sued the CDC, HHS, and in Ohio & New Mexico.