Constitutional Lawyer, KrisAnne Hall presents “NON-COMPLIANT” Movie…

“You have an individual right to secure your own Life, your own Liberty, your own property! Because if you do not have that right, that inalienable right to secure yourself, your property which is necessary to life, your Liberty which is necessary to property and life, if you do not an individual, unquestionable to defend yourself, you are a SLAVE!” KrisAnne Hall

KrisAnne Hall provides all the information that WE THE PEOPLE need to take back our LIBERTY!

MORE QUOTES from KrisAnne, in this very informative presentation…

“Christians have to be involved in politics. GOD commands it, and the scriptures supports that.”

“Inevitably what happens is this… one person will stand up, and then everybody else will stand!” “Throughout history the power of change rests in the actions of one person” “One man reaching out to others, to educate, to inspire, to ignite them into action.”

“If it had not been for James Otis Jr, one man standing up and saying… “No more, not only will I not participate, I will not comply! And I will Teach others the power of Non-compliance!” As a light of the People, the power of one to reach many, to unite under the banner of LIBERTY, to the securing of the Rights of every individual, today, tomorrow and for posterity!”

“We have been training our generations in the wrong information about government! We have been training them to be submissive and compliant to authority. We have forgotten that WE THE PEOPLE are the rulers over government, and we have aloud government to be the rulers over people.” If we truly want that to change, we have to stop looking for leaders, and start being them!” “Our governments are out of control, right, left, liberal, conservative!” “Everywhere we go, what do you think the most asked question is… How do we fix this?” “If we had been teaching history for the past hundred years. If we had been teaching the Constitution for the past hundred years, we wouldn’t have that question. We would not be where we are today!”

“America was build on the fundamental principals of the natural rights of man.” “Samuel Adams said… “Among the natural rights of the colonists are these… first Life, second Liberty, third Property, together… number four with the right to support and defend them in the best manner they can!”

KrisAnne Hall goes into great detail as to the proper role of government and how our GOD given Rights have been stolen by those in power, whom we have elected to represent WE THE PEOPLE.

Do you wish to take back your LIBERTY?

Watch this most important, informative movie…

LINK to the Original source… https://vimeo.com/562959655

Alternative LINK to the NON-COMPLIANT Movie… https://www.bitchute.com/video/QJCkBF7GzDJT/