My Kid My Choice Rally #3

Earlier today, parents from TWELVE School Districts gathered at a Rally to promote FREEDOM and LIBERTY for parental choice regarding Health Freedom for their children!

It at started on August 21st when a group of parents, their children and grandparents from Avonworth School District, along with concerned citizens from the surrounding school districts, gathered to voice their concerns regarding the masking of their children in the schools, which will be implemented when school begins in the coming weeks!

Today’s Rally was held at the Foster Grove in South Park (Bethel Park, PA). Parents Grandparents , concerned Citizens and students from twelve School Districts gathered to Rally for support of Parental Rights for their Children!

Below is information from a flyer that the newly formed “My Kid My Choice” group circulated to promote these events …

Faceless-touchless classrooms are NOT a safe environment for children.
The ASD Directors voted 8-1 on Aug. 9 on a new dress code for all students: mandatory masks for all students, in all classes. No survey of parents, no scientific data backing decision, no County, State or Federal Emergency and NO END DATE. This is about our freedom, our choice and stopping a much larger agenda. This is waht kicked off what has now become a series of Health Freedom Rallies throuout the Greater Pittsburgh area. 

Today it’s the mask, next mandatory vaccine for all children??

Here are PHOTOS taken during the event…


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