This website is all about our GOD given Freedom and LIBERTY! Calling out those who attack our LIBERTY, and supporting those who are in the fight to maintain our LIBERTY!


The goal of this website is to inform other LIBERTY minded individuals of the infringements upon our GOD given Liberty, so that we may better guard and maintain our LIBERTY. 

NETWORK with others:

It is very important for us to network with others in the FIGHT, whether they are fighting for Freedom of Speech, Religion, Right to assembly, Right to Bear Arms, Right to control one’s own Health care, Right to operate our Businesses, etc… as all are equally important! All of our GOD given Rights are under attack! The goal of my website is to be a way to help network, and inform Freedom loving people of all that is going on in regards to the attacks on our Liberty!

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Stay tuned, to hear more about what is going on locally here in Western PA, the rest of the STATE, throughout the US and indeed the rest of the World!