Important additions to this site!

Dear friends in Liberty,

I have been a little backlogged on photo and video work from events I have covered. Plus there is important information coming out regarding money laundering in the school system. So I needed to get on the ball and get this info out.

First I must say that we have among us a very determined Parent who has been doing some serious research and has come across a major money laundering scheme which is taking place with the Elizabeth Forward School District. See my “Follow The $$$ @ Schools” page for some very revealing flow charts…

Then there is our fight to Reclaiming Our Rights, which Tony Pellegrino, Justin Calvin & Carla Mader, have been traveling the Greater Pittsburgh area giving their presentation from The American Common Law Academy. Videos can be found here…

Lastly, I finally had time to place a link and dedicate a page for the Highlight Video from JESUS Woodstock …

Let us Not Forget that THE LORD is in control, but it is up to man’s free will to do what is Right!!!!

Keep Up The Good Fight for GOD, our Children and our Country,

Con Engels

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