Our Children Our Choice Rally (Photos & VIDEOS)!

VIDEOS now added… https://rightforliberty.com/our-children-our-choice-rally-videos/

Dear friends in Liberty,

I had the honor of documenting yet another great Liberty oriented event, The “Our Children, Our Choice Rally”! This time it was for the CHILDREN! Specifically, the children of Avonworth School District, whose parents, grandparents and concerned citizens gathered for a Rally for Health Freedom for their children.

It seems that the Powers That Be, whether it be the Fed, The CDC, The WHO, The State,  The Counties, The Unions, The Police, and The local School Boards all have one thing in common… That is, that they think they have authority to tell you what to do with your own body, and that of your Children’s!

Well guess what… their authority comes from WE THE PEOPLE, and far greater than that, all authority comes from GOD Almighty! This is recognized within our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution, State Constitutions, The Federalist Papers, etc.

Those in positions of authority seem to forget that they serve at the will of WE THE PEOPLE! OUR LIBERTY, is first and foremost as a free people.

To this end I share this quote from Benjamin Franklin…

Back to my point of this post… those in attendance recognize that their Freedom (Liberty) is being stolen from them and “The Powers That Be” are after their Children! These parents, grandparents and concerned citizens have had enough! They are saying NO! to those that wish to steal their Liberty, and force mandates on their children which in every sense are Unconstitutional and Immoral!

“My Children My Choice” group has formed and they will be a force to be reckoned with! The plan is to spread this message to the surrounding school districts and beyond, and to free the children from this medical  tyranny!

Here is a link to PHOTOS from their event… https://rightforliberty.com/our-children-our-choice-rally/

AND here is a link to VIDEOS filmed at the “Our Children Our Choice Rally”…

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