JIM QUINN (Video)!!!!

Pittsburgh’s own Legendary Radio Host JIM QUINN, had some very wise and TRUTHFUL words to say regarding the current state of the world we now live in.

Jim Quinn was one of the special speakers at the “Rally ‘Round The Burgh”, which took place on May 29th!

If you only could watch one video today, to inform you of the TRUTH of what is going on in the world today, THIS VIDEO would be a great start!

Some of the points JIM QUINN talked about in this 20 minute video:

  • Government Corruption
  • Voting Issues
  • Capital Gains, and how the Middle Class will lose
  • Government Spending and what a TRILLION $ translates to
  • Covid Misinformation
  • Lock downs & Vaccine implications
  • LIES from the Media & Massive FRAUD
  • Truth about Hydroxychloroquine & Ivermectin
  • Truth about Fauci
  • Fear used to control the masses
  • THE GREAT RESET (aka The New World Order, The Elite’s Plan for Mankind)
  • Crushing the Middle Class

To watch directly from the source… https://www.bitchute.com/video/tkXJBjJACdzv/

Very special thanks to JIM QUINN, for his very TRUTHFUL speech at the “Rally ‘Round The Burgh”!

Thank you to Lisa, the organizer of the event, to all the Speakers, Volunteers and participants of the Rally!

Look for more videos (coming soon), of the other Speakers from “Rally ‘Round The Burgh” !

Keep Up The Good Fight for GOD and Country,

Con Engels


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