Health Freedom PA VIDEO now up!

Health Freedom, Episode 2 (Part 1) is now up!!!!

“Censorship, Religious Exemptions and Corporate Influences limiting Health Freedom” (Part 1 of 2)

Very informative presentation from Health Freedom Pennsylvania
Diana Campbell- presentation at the “The TRUTH About Covid and the Vax” (EVENT) on May 8th

This is the 2nd in a series of videos highlighting a wonderful “HEALTH FREEDOM” event, Organized by The Heath Hut Stores and Health Freedom PA, graciously hosted at the Mount Olive Church in Chippewa (Beaver Falls, PA). Sponsored by North American Herb & Spice and Java Hut!

More videos from this wonderful event, coming soon…

Part 2 coming soon… (check back often)

Direct link to the video… 


  1. This is empowering and critical to our freedom, health and existence. Thank you for keeping us informed and fighting for us.

    1. Nancy, Thanks for visiting my site and for viewing this important content! The next “Health Freedom” Episode will be up soon! Check back often for more LIBERTY oriented content!

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