Health Freedom, 1st Event Video!!!!

“The Greatest Form of Social Activism is Keeping Your Body in the Best Health”
“Health Hut” Jenn, Special Presentation!

Health Freedom, Episode 1

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This is the fist in a series of videos highlighting a wonderful “HEALTH FREEDOM” event, Organized by The Heath Hut Stores and Health Freedom PA, graciously hosted at the Mount Olive Church in Chippewa (Beaver Falls, PA). Sponsored by North American Herb & Spice and Java Hut!

Opening Segway: Diana Campbell, Health Freedom PA, “Health Hut” Jenn & Kelly Miller, owner The Health Hut Stores

Intro by HOST: Kelly Miller, owner The Health Hut Stores

Opening Prayer: Pastor Larry Bettencourt

Upcoming videos will include, Diana Campbell of Health Freedom PA, Bill Halle of Butler School Board, Anthony Ellis of #UnMaskPA, and Toni Shuppe of Audit the Vote PA, and of course the Host of the show Kelly Miller!

Here are the very informative images used for “Health Hut” Jenn’s Slide presentation included in the above video: