Clear Evidence of Voter Fraud!

It is clear that there was massive voter fraud during the 2020 election! Just look at the evidence…

Very important information borrowed from a friend’s post…


This presentation was done by a team of data scientists and programmers with experience working for the US Navy, the CIA, the National Counter-Terrorism Center, and a Big-Four Accounting Firm.?

There were 423,116 votes subtracted from Trump in the Pennsylvania data.

If you look at the data for Allegheny County, 145,000 absentee votes were deleted for Trump. Over 27,000 votes were also removed from Trump’s election day votes.

In Chester County, Trump loses over 41,000 votes from his election day vote totals and nearly 50,000 votes from his absentee vote totals. In total, over 91,000 votes are subtracted from Trump.

In Lehigh County, Trump receives an initial 66,179 votes which are then taken away from his vote total.

Again, this is something that should *NEVER* occur in an additive voting process. (continue reading)… on my PA Election 2020 INFO! page…

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